$79.00 Minimum Callout (applicable to First Hour)
$150.00 First Hour, $100.00/each additional hour

Initial Evaluation FREE
$125.00 first hour. $75.00/each additional hour
OFFSITE 4 HOUR FLAT RATE $350.00 no matter how many hours


M.S. Ed., Sarah Lawrence College
B.A., Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, NY
Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts

Computer Experience

- CEO EMLCONSULTING (1989-present); Over 26 years experience servicing and supporting Macintosh & PC users (individual and corporate accounts); System Software (MacOS), font management, and network expert. I have over 100 terabytes of service drives with one of the most extensive and up-to-date software libraries in the northeast.

- Panel Leader, Macworld Expo Conference, New York City, July 2000; Title: The Ins & Outs of Installing Software on Your Mac; Panel Leader, Macworld Exposition Conference, San Francisco, January 1999; Title: Troubleshooting–Unlikely Solutions; This session offered attendees a chance to gain some off–the–beaten–track insights and solutions to keep their Macs happy, secure, and organized. Topics discussed included: how to build a customizable "Emergency" disk for your Mac; hot–swapping on the SCSI chain: do's and don'ts; simple security solutions without locking up your whole drive; organizational techniques not for dummies; real world troubleshooting tips with Capital Ts; and AOL 4.0/AOLPress/AOL Web Page Hosting–Taking advantage of that 10MB of storage per account.

- Conference Faculty, Macworld Exposition; Parental Controls: Securing Your Home Internet Connection for Your Children {New York City, July 1998}; Macworld Expo User Group Extravaganza (Boston, August 1997; San Francisco, January 1998); HyperCard in the Classroom {Boston, August 1995 & 1994}.

- Fourth Grade File Drawer Coordinator, Apple Computer's eWorld Educator Connection {August 1995–March 1996 when eWorld closed}. Responsibilities included posting the thousands of math, language arts, science, and social studies files I have personally developed related to the fourth grade curriculum; answered queries from fourth grade teachers all over the world; participated in weekly online conferences as an expert in integrating Macintosh technology in the classroom for both students and teachers.

- Founder, User Group Ambassador, Newsletter Editor, Hastings–on–Hudson Macintosh User Group (HoHMUG), a not–for–profit Macintosh User Group {June 1992–2012}. Recognized as a leader in the Macintosh Community throughout the NYC metropolitan area and beyond, HoHMUG was born out of my helping an ever–increasing number of people with their Macs and there not being an active Mac User Group to refer them to in Westchester County. Our newsletter, Elementary, was an electronic web publication that goes out all over the world to hundreds of individuals and other User Groups. I still routinely review every imaginable kind of Macintosh related hardware and software, offer technical advice, and field dozens of referrals a month directly from Apple Computer from people looking for help with their Macs.

Teaching Experience

Hillside Elementary School, Hastings–on–Hudson, New York (1989–1996); fourth grade classroom teacher. Responsibilities included all aspects of planning, organization, and management of an open, inclusion classroom following a developmental model consistent with the practices and philosophies of Jean Piaget; development of a whole language/learning program incorporating the use of trade books; development of a unique process writing program incorporating Macintosh technology from start to finish; development and teaching of a manipulative based constructivist mathematics program, including the use of a wide variety of Macintosh applications centered on problem solving skills and strategies; development and teaching of a “hands–on” science program; development of resources associated with state mandated study of local history; introduced and developed the use of my own personal (in the neighborhood of 30 at present) Macintosh computers as learning tools in my classroom and others, used for writing, cooperative game playing, teacher/student record keeping, and cooperative programming; integration of a wide variety of Macintosh related technologies, such as CD–ROM, digital still and video cameras, scanners, and a graphics tablet in my classroom for the children to use; facilitated children in writing and publishing a book entitled “Losing A Pet” (1989); conducted numerous after school activities on behalf of the PTSA (1989–1996), including classes in chess, math games, and Macintosh computer games (math and general interest); participated in SUNY Purchase’s Children’s’ Shakespeare Festival (Hamlet 1991–1992; Comedy of Errors 1993–1994); edited and published Hillside’s Fourth Grade Ethnic Recipe Book, a yearly project for the entire fourth grade related to our immigration studies and trip to Ellis Island (1990–1995); edited and published yearly Memory Book for fifth graders as they moved on to the Middle School (1991, 1992, 1993, fourth & fifth grades 1995); development of thousands of class and homework resources covering all aspects of the fourth grade curriculum utilizing my Macintosh desktop publishing skills; development of vast archive of children’s’ Macintosh computer work, including writing, programming, art, and game files

Brooklyn Friends School, Brooklyn, New York (1987–1989); third and fourth grades, co–teacher (1988–1989); fourth grade co–teacher (1987–1988). Responsibilities included daily participation in all aspects of planning, organization and management of classroom activities; development and teaching of a manipulative based mathematics program for both grade levels; development and teaching of a reading group comprised of third and fourth graders reading at a fourth grade level incorporating trade books with the MacMillan Basal Reading Series; leading an advanced spelling group of third graders; development and teaching of an ICM science program for fourth graders; coordination of a “morning math lab” for third and fourth graders; conducted an after school mystery club for fourth graders; Lower School representative to the Brooklyn Friends Parent and Teachers Association; helped organize school’s first “Fall Fest”; Lower School representative to the Association of Teachers of Independent Schools.

Mamaroneck Avenue School, Mamaroneck, New York (January–June 1987); fifth grade, student teacher (Dr. David Miles), full time. Active in all aspects of organization and management of classroom activities; assisted children in writing, math, science, reading, and social studies; led a reading group.

Murray Avenue School, Larchmont, New York (September–December 1986); kindergarten, student teacher (George Hebron), full time. Active in all aspects of organization and management of classroom activities; assisted in the introduction of process writing and the development of math skills through the use of manipulatives.

Sarah Lawrence College Early Childhood Center, Bronxville, New York (1985–1986); four year olds, assistant teacher, full year; assistant teacher in the threes class during the second half of year. Assisted in all aspects of classroom planning, management, and evaluation; developed and practiced an educational philosophy consistent with the principles of Piaget and Vygotsky.

Related Experience

Mercy College, Dobbs Ferry, New York (Spring 1991 & 1992). Conducted two sessions of a “Fun with Math” course for children on Saturday mornings (K–2; 3–5 grades). 

Camp Paul for Exceptional Children, Chelmsford, Massachusetts (Summer 1985, 1984, 1980); assistant counselor. Worked with exceptional older teenagers following the guidelines of their IEPs.

Kelly Health Care, Lowell, Massachusetts (Summer/Winter 1985, 1984, 1983); respite worker. Provided relief for families with autistic/exceptional children as needed, usually on long–term cases where coverage was 24/7.

Phillips Academy Andover, Andover, Massachusetts (Spring 1981). Participated in Andover’s first Urban Studies Institute. In addition to classes in child development, Hispanic history, and urban sociology, my work included assisting fourth through sixth grade Hispanic children in Lawrence, Massachusetts, as a tutor in English language skills.